About Us

Our Story: How it started.

Just Hook It is a father and daughter project. It all started when I purchased the 1st generation iPad for my daughters, Sasha and Verlencia. Whenever they were on break from school, they accompanied me to my office. We would download movies on the iPad to view during our two-hour long commute.

Sasha, who usually sat in the middle, would hold the iPad for us to view our movie of the day. One day, almost at the end of the commute, Sasha asked, “Why do I have to hold the tablet for you guys to watch every time? I am tired of holding it; there should be something to hook it to the back of this seat.” That is when the product ideas started.

When I got home that evening, I came up with the first hook that I molded from dress hangers. The first time we used it on the train, everyone who saw us wanted to know where we bought it and wanted to buy one. The considerable interest in our makeshift tablet holder inspired me to design the sleek products that are now available for sale on this website.

Today, our products are fully patented, and are available exclusively on this website.

Since we introduced and refined the first product, we have continued to design and developer a number of other products that are also available here.

My daughter Sasha is an extremely intelligent girl with a myriad of product ideas that can add value to existing products. If you are interested in investing in our soon-to-be-released products, please contact us.